Look around you – everything’s changed. There was a time when the lines in the sand were clearly drawn. You had to make your choice — UTM appliance — and then stick to it, even if your requirements changed. You were locked in. That’s just the way it was. But not anymore.

We Changed the Rules
WatchGuard‘s Fireware® operating system changed the game. It’s the powerful foundation for all of our security appliances, and it’s the fastest, most reliable, most agile platform in the industry. No matter what you choose from WatchGuard, you can’t get it wrong. A software license key is all it takes to open up whatever functionality you need, whenever you need it, with just a mouse click.

All-Seeing, All-Knowing
No matter which you choose — Basic UTM or Total — WatchGuard makes it easy to set security policies once and instantly propagate them across your enterprise. And with Dimension™ — our award-winning visibility tool that’s standard on every WatchGuard appliance — you can visualize and isolate any threat, anywhere, on any appliance, all from one intuitive console.

Don’t Let Them Tell You What You Want to Do
Don’t let anyone else define your network security strategy for you. With enterprise-class security technologies, industry-leading visibility, and the best performance at any price point, WatchGuard puts you at the top of the network security food chain, no matter what you choose.

WatchGuard Mission:
To bring widely deployable, enterprice-grade security to small-to-medium sized organizations and distributed enterprises.

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